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Our Mission

We are a WASH IMPACT company - We promote hygiene, at low cost with quality products. We bring innovation to the market, we brighten lives, we make social and environmental impact.

Our mission is to veer the local rural households from traditional hygiene sanitary methods, bettering the quality of life of the community. 

We are a community committed, socially responsible Company. We contribute to the fight against germs, diseases, for a healthier and happier society. Our company is striving to help keep an all-clean and healthy environment. We have the well being of our community at heart.

We create jobs, mostly women employments, we create work opportunities for handicaps, we bring happiness to homes, we bring livelihood in the heart of our people. 

We are changing consumer's attitudes, we make our products at reach, we drive real value. We create the paper usage awakening in our nation: "No more excuses to go without".




Our Customers

We have a bank of customers nationwide, ranging from the following groups:

-Ambulant Merchants
-Stationery Merchants
-Health institutions
-Public offices
-Open Markets
-International Institutions