Glory Classic

Glory Classic Hygiene Paper.

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Glory Joy

Glory Joy Hygiene Paper.

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Glory Siyé

Glory Siye Hygiene Paper.

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Glory Pwop

Glory Pwòp Hygiene Paper.

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Glory Puppy Love

Glory Puppy Love Hygiene Paper.

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Glory Luxe

Glory Luxe Hygiene Paper.

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The Different Brands

Glory Industries produces and markets tissue paper, namely hygienic paper in and away from home: toilet paper, kitchen paper, paper napkins, paper handkerchiefs, tissues, etc.

The company oversees the entire production process, from tissue production to processing, all the way to the finished product. The entire production chain, like any other type of company activity, is required to comply with the principles of sustainability that are the basis of the entire Gloy Industries value creating system.

Some of the brands we carry are:

-Glory Classic Toillet Paper
-Glory Classic Napkin Tissues
-Glory Joy Toillet Papery
-Glory Siyé Toillet Paper
-Glory Pwòp Toillet Paper
-Glory Luxe Toillet Paper
-Glory Puppy Love Toillet Paper