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Our Social Responsibilities

Our Social Mission

We are a socially responsible company. We donate to schools, jails, hospitals, churches, impoverished families, and many charity organizations in Haiti. 

We are mixing marketing with Micro-finance. This mix is creating an economic  movement with a team of unemployed young women, mostly employees’ relatives, who are happy to be supplied with our products that they in turn sale to small stationary street vendors, small convenience stores, located in areas that our delivery fleet cannot access. We provide through this, an opportunity for income improvement in families.

Our Environmental Responsibility

We put forth all efforts to effectively mitigate the impact of our production on the environment. We take effective actions in recycling our rejects. Our first grade rejects, irregular rolls, are sold at a negligible price to lady jobbers who cash in great returns through their sales.

Our lower grade rejects are given away to artists who turn them into papier mache for arts and crafts.

Health & Safety

 We take firm measures, not to jeopardize the health and safety of our employees.

We keep a clean environment proper to the products we produce. We operate on the models of international norms. We are proud to be hygiene promoters.